happy holidays!

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, everyone! Coming here to share a quick recap of what our holidays looked like this year and to do a sneak peek for posts that are planned for next year.

Christmas Tree

After my birthday I came down with a bit of a cold so our Christmas has been filled with lots of relaxing in pajamas, Mario Kart (Phil recently got a Nintendo Switch) and time with friends and family. We went to a bar and retro bowling alley, Radio Social, with best friends on Saturday night which was a ton of fun and Monday was spent prepping with final minutes of gift wrapping. A highlight on Christmas day was seeing my Grandma meet her great-granddaughter, my niece, for the first time.

Our final few days of the year will be spent relaxing, taking our puppy on walks out in the brisk cold, and cozying up with some good books. We have no big plans to ring in the new year and since we’ve had a busy year, we’ll be enjoying laying low.

Looking ahead, here are some posts I’m really excited about to come!

  • New Years resolutions
  • My reading list
  • Amsterdam, Netherlands recap
  • London, United Kingdom recap
  • Dublin, Ireland recap

Hope you all have a wonderful remaining few days of the year.



One thought on “happy holidays!

  1. Katie, I absolutely love what you have created here. This shows great creativity and introspection on your part. I look forward to your next entry.


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