ireland – cliffs of moher

Happy Wednesday, Everyone! Before I kick off part two of our time in Ireland, I wanted to lay a little structure to when I’ll be posting to be sure you know when to check out the blog for new content. If you subscribe, you’ll get the email in your inbox directly when new things are posted and you can expect new content every Wednesday! I’m going to work to post on the weekends too but know at the very least, Wednesdays will have fresh content so be on the lookout for that.

If you haven’t already, check out my Ireland Day One recap, here!

Day 2:

We were up early for our bus tour through Paddywagon! Our tour guide, Val, was energetic, funny, and knowledgeable. The tour took us across all of Ireland which was an amazing way for us to press our faces against the window and take in the passing green countryside – not needing to worry about navigation or directions ourselves.

The green and yellow seemed to span on forever, with sheep and small towns popping up along the way. Our first stop was at Dunguaire Castle with our second stop at the Mini Cliffs of Moher.

We broke for lunch in Doolin where we had the most amazing lunch at a tiny pub called Fitzpatrick’s Bar. We had the best meal of the entire trip eating seafood chowder, caught locally of course. After our bellies were full, we were loaded back on the warm bus eager to reach our final destination.

Lunch In Doolin

Irish Countryside

After a short drive from Doolin, we pulled into the parking lot for the Cliffs where you could see a large green hill just a short walk away. We hopped off the bus and passed a few small gift shops and then began the trek up the hill. As you slowly get closer to the top you begin to see blue ocean peeking on the horizon. We were out of breath from walking up almost 400 feet, but once at the top, you’re overlooking the vast blue of the Atlantic Ocean with white peaks of waves rolling through the water.  The Cliffs are commanding with soft green grass and dirt on the top and jagged rock that wind down the edge. A strong breeze blew the crispest, freshest air I’ve ever filled my lungs with. Needless to say, we were in awe. We followed the crowd along the dirt path walking along the three eastern peaks, just on the edge of the cliff. It remains the most breathtaking and magnificent experience of my entire life, still hard to put into words to this day. The natural beauty of it will truly leave you speechless.

Cliffs of Moher

After about an hour of taking in the wonder of the Cliff’s, we descended back to Dublin. We had a quick and final stop in Bunratty where we saw another castle and did some souvenir shopping, with the bus bringing us back to Dublin around 7:30pm. We grabbed pizzas to-go, ate in bed, and passed out.

Day 3:

Our jetlag was finally starting to wear off and we were looking forward to an open day with nothing booked and no set plans other than a dinner reservation. We got a bit derailed before our day began after receiving an email saying that our train from Amsterdam to Paris was experiencing delays due to strikes. After flipping on the news, we saw strikes were happening all over Paris! Since I had been to London before, we pivoted quickly and made accommodations on the spot to switch from Paris to London, wanting to avoid transportation delays at all costs. We did lose some money but that’s the beauty with traveling – expect the unexpected! After getting our travel plans settled for the last leg of our trip, we headed to brunch at SOMA which was delicious and a spot I’d definitely recommend.

St. Patrick's Cathedral

We spent the day walking around and first visited St. Patrick’s Cathedral which had ornate architectural and design intricacies that were stunning. We also visited Dublin Castle which I’ll admit, was a bit of a letdown. It felt small and not very castle-like. We couldn’t end on that note and decided to go back to Trinity College to explore the library which we had heard was beautiful – and oh, was it!  This library attracts nearly a million visitors a year and it’s no surprise after seeing the stunning architecture of it paired with the array of books it is the home to. After dinner at Trocodaro, we walked to Murray’s Pub again where local bands and Irish dancers were performing. We sipped on our beers and soaked in the final night of our Ireland experience.

Murray's Pub

Overall, we liked Ireland but wished we had expanded beyond Dublin more. Dublin is a fun, modern city with a lot to offer however you likely don’t need more than one day/night there (which we had heard this while planning however we opted for a central home base). The next morning we caught an early flight to visit the beautiful city of Amsterdam which I can’t wait to share with you!

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