london, united kingdom: a visit to wimbledon

London is my favorite city in the entire world! Who doesn’t love a British accent? From the first time I went to London in college, I fell in love. The cobblestone streets, bustling energy, history, and elegance always leave me wanting more. Although during our trip we were supposed to initially visit Paris, I wasn’t heartbroken that plans changed last minute and I got to experience my favorite city with my favorite person.

After a quick 40 minute flight from Amsterdam, we had landed in the United Kingdom. Before our trip, I was worried about all of the travel between different countries however the travel between European cities really is as easy as they say it is. I’ll be doing a future post on how to plan a trip to Europe!

After checking into our hotel in Kensington,  we walked around the neighboring area for a bite to eat. We kept it simple and grabbed sandwiches at Pret A Manger which became a staple stop for us during our time in London.

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Once we were ready to venture out and explore we made Buckingham Palace our first stop. Watching the changing of the guards and grandeur of the palace is incredible. You’re only able to tour inside when the Queen isn’t home so unfortunately, we weren’t able to get inside.

We walked through St. James Park with the flowers and trees freshly blooming and next visited Westminister Abby, one of my favorites from the first time I was in London. The history here is hard to even fathom with people like Charles Darwin, Charles Dickens, and Sir Isaac Newton buried there. Westminister Abby is a short walk from Big Ben and although it’s under construction until 2021, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to see it. For dinner, we ate at a local pub and watched football since there was a big game between Manchester and Liverpool. We’re not huge football (soccer) fans however the energy in the bar was infectious and a lot of fun.

For our second day, we went to Covent Gardens which has shopping, food, and street performers. It was a beautiful spring day with the sun hanging in the sky above. We explored the shops and got a yummy breakfast at an outdoor café and sipped our coffee’s and soaked it all in. Another wonderful thing about London is how easy and affordable it is using the Tube which makes covering a lot of ground a breeze. Even the most novice subway riders can navigate the maps and the cleanliness and punctuality of the stations is a pleasant surprise.

After a relaxing morning, our big plans included going out to Wimbledon to see the tennis arena. The arena is actually in the town of Wimbledon in South-West London and a 30-minute tube ride from the city. I’ll admit, this was my sport-fanatic husband’s idea and I wasn’t sold however I will happily admit now how wrong I was. We took a guided tour of the arena and were captivated learning about the history and prestige of the sport and annual tournament.

After dinner at a local Italian restaurant, we relaxed in our hotel room by watching British game shows. It was a sad mix of emotions knowing that our third day in London was the final day of our entire Europe trip. We saved the best for last though and visited the Harry Potter Studio which I can’t wait to recap next week.

Have you ever been to London before? If so, what are your favorite things to do and what should we do during our (inevitable) next trip there? Leave me a comment below!

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