why you should use packing organizers

Today I’m talking all things packing! A question I’ve gotten from a few girlfriends lately is if I use packing cubes so I’m using this post to share that yes I do and why I love them so much.

OEE Packing Organizers

The organizers I purchased about a year ago are from Amazon and the brand OEE. They have cute patterns and have been durable for the affordable $19.99 I spent on them! You can purchase the exact ones I have here.

I’ll admit that the reason I got into packing cubes was because an influencer I follow had posted that they use them. I liked the pretty patterns and colors and they’re super cheap so I figured “why not”?

After my first trip using the cubes, I fell in organizational love. What’s great about the packing cubes is they make your packing much more intentional. Rather than shoving as much as you can in your suitcase, the cubes require a bit more thought and attentiveness. The pay-off is great too because your clothes will be less wrinkled since they’ve been carefully folded to fit into the cube and you’re likely going to have every item you could need on your trip. Coming from the girl that has forgotten to pack underwear on trips a few times – like not a single pair and had to desperately go to Walmart to purchase some – the cubes have been a lifesaver.

Another thing I love about the cubes is how organized you stay while traveling. One of my favorites in the set I own is the drawstring bag. I use this for my dirties. It’s amazing getting home and dumping that bag entirely into the laundry and not trying to comb through your luggage to find what got worn vs. what didn’t.

OEE Packing Organizers

Finally, the organizers are great because you can easily separate things out however you need to. When we were in Europe for 12 days I was tight on space and needed to be mindful of what I was wearing and when. I used the cubes to organize by outfit and had the best packing/clothing experience of any trip yet. It also allowed me to save space for souvenirs and extra items I purchased along the way.

Here are a few other cute cube options I found!

Mossio 7 Piece Set Pink Cherry

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