cruising to beautiful belize

After being on the boat for a few days we finally had our sea legs and were ready to begin exploring on land! Our first stop on the cruise was in Harvest Caye, Belize and was the one I was most excited for.

Norwegian Cruise Line bought their own private island in Belize to serve as a stop for their cruise line exclusively. This little slice of paradise included a long stretch of beach, a pool with a swim up bar and Landshark restaurant. Although it was certainly a very touristy type of spot, we loved every minute for its beauty and opportunities for relaxation.


The way cruise port dockings work is that you can get off the boat only once the local Port Authority had cleared it. While waiting to undock, they blocked off the floors that the undocking happened on (for us floor 4) to help minimize chaos. Once cleared, in order to get off the boat, you simply line up and then show your Norwegian card that served as your credit card, photo ID, and room key (like a Disney Magic Band). Overall, it was usually a very quick and seamless process.

The first stop in Belize we were eager to get off the boat quickly in order to get a great spot on the beach. For our honeymoon all inclusive in the Bahamas there were actual foot races to the best beach lounge chairs and spots each morning, so for Belize, we were ready. We essentially sprinted off the boat and ran straight to the beach to get a front row lounge chair spot with an umbrella.

The (funniest) pay-off though was grabbing a floating ring out in the water. We didn’t think much of it and made our selves at home on the ring bringing out drinks and relaxing. We quickly realized that there was only one other ring on the entire beach though so the rings became very coveted spots! We kept getting approached about sharing the float and one girl invited herself in and flopped right on it. Phil eventually started telling people that we paid to book it to get people to back off ha! Needless to say, it still makes me laugh thinking of the Hunger Games over a floating ring.


Although there was only one restaurant on the island, Landshark bar ending up being one of the best meals of the trip! After eating we spent our time relaxing on the beach, exploring, and in the pool.

Overall, Belize was beautiful and was a great first stop of the trip! The next day we stopped in Costa Maya, Mexico and I can’t wait to recap and share pictures.

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