adventures in honduras: a cruise stop

The third stop on our cruise was in Roatan, Honduras! Of all the stops, this was the one I was most nervous about. For those of you that don’t know me, I tend to be a worrier and when I’m traveling, safety is always one of the top things on my mind. Before any international travel, I always check travel advisories and alerts from the U.S. Department of State which provides updates for U.S. citizens traveling abroad. It gives me a good gut check on the safety of the country and how aware I need to be. Of course, you should always exercise a certain level of caution when traveling however it’s nice to know about the specific place you’re going. To rank the safety of a country, they use a four-point scale:

  1. Exercise Normal Precautions
  2. Exercise Increased Caution
  3. Reconsider Travel
  4. Do Not Travel

When I entered in Honduras as a destination it was ranked a 3 saying to reconsider travel. This certainly made me nervous and had me questioning how far off the boat we’d be venturing.

The night before the boat was set to arrive in Honduras however, we visited the cruise excursions desk and looked into what options were still available. Note that although you can book excursions through Trip Advisor or companies not through the ship, I wanted the safety and guarantee that if something happened, the ship would wait for us (which is only true for excursions booked through the ship.) With much convincing from Phil, we decided to book a zip-lining excursion.


That morning when our boat was anchored in the port I was amazed at how blue and beautiful the water was. We had light rain and a pretty rainbow in the morning and then within an hour the sun was out, hanging in a sky with puffy white clouds. Looking across the horizon of Roatan it was beautiful seeing the colorful building sitting against a canopy of trees and hearing the buzz of the city.

After getting off the boat we were greeted by a friendly tour guide and an air-conditioned bus taking us to the zip-line location. He showed us what local currency looks like, and taught us that they don’t use Western medicine. If someone gets a fever, they layer Vaseline and a specific plant leaf and place on the bottom of your foot!


Once we arrived at the zip line place my adrenaline was pumping. The staff was all very friendly and reassuring as they strapped us into our gear and helmets which eased my nerves a bit. They walked us through a quick tutorial and then had everyone practice on a very short line. After that, we were off and zipping through the forest of Roatan! And I have to say, it was SO MUCH fun!


It was incredible soaring through the forest, looking out seeing nothing but greenery with the ocean on the horizon and blue sky above. The longest line we did was over 1,000 feet long!

What’s funny is that I not only didn’t want to zip line, but I was very nervous about Honduras. The ziplining experience ended up being a highlight of the entire trip! When traveling I can’t recommend enough pushing yourself outside of your comfort zone – it’s almost always worth it.


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