final cruise stop in grand cayman

Our final stop of the cruise was in George Town, Grand Cayman and I was beyond excited for it! We had booked an excursion to jet-ski out to stingray and starfish island that I knew was going to be a highlight of the trip.

First, it’s worth noting that our boat tendered for this stop. What this means is we didn’t dock right next to the port. Rather, we were anchored in the ocean, and then a smaller boat brought people to shore. Cruise tip – on your first day aboard figure out if and when you’re tendering. The way Norwegian did it was the night before the tendering they handed out numbers to guests. Once your number was called the next day, you were able to board the smaller boat to get off. We didn’t realize numbers had been handed out and didn’t get our number until the next morning and had to wait for group 10 to be called.

Once off the boat, we had time to kill before our excursion. We found a little spot that has jagged black rocks in the topaz blue water. The water was so clear that we could see a huge school of fish swimming around. They looked like mini sharks and there must have been dozens.

We grabbed lunch at Paradise Seaside Grill and had the most delicious seafood with a view looking out right on the water. Definitely, recommend visiting here if you’re in George Town. It doesn’t feel touristy like many of the other spots on the island (like Hard Rock Cafe).

When excitedly arriving for our excursion we were told that the outing had been canceled because of high winds and choppy water. To say we were disappointed would be an understatement. The owner of the excursion company offered to drive us (as compensation long with a full refund) anywhere on the island so we opted for 7 Mile Beach to enjoy an unexpectedly relaxing day.


The beach was beautiful although a bit crowded and we were bummed that we weren’t having the day we envisioned. But that’s life, and that’s certainly the realities of traveling. Whenever travel blips like this happen I try and remind myself that I’m lucky to have the privilege of traveling in the first place.

Overall, George Town had the best beach on the entire trip! It was named one of the Caribbean’s Best Beaches by Travel and Life magazine and rightfully so. The sand was soft and warm and the beach went on for miles (hence the name).

Well, that’s my final post on the cruise, thanks for following along! Before we started cruising we spent some time in Tampa and Clearwater which I’ll be posting next week.

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