getting inspired to travel

For anyone that has a hobby or passion like I do, we all know the reality is that we don’t get to do the thing we love all the time. In order for me/my husband to afford the travel that we do, we have to work regular 9-5 jobs like the rest of the functioning adults in the world. Although I wish I could be traveling all the time, I do also love being home! I love curling up in pajamas with a good book, or binging a great show (Game of Thrones or Schitt’s Creek anyone?!)

I also think we often define a “trip” and “traveling” as any time you hop on a plane or leave the state but I think a trip can be anything you make of it! On Saturday of this week, Phil and I decided to get in the car with not much of a  game plan other than taking the hour drive to Watkins Glenn, New York. I had only been once in college and didn’t remember much and Phil knew that their state park had really pretty views. Plus, it was going to be 10 degrees warmer there than home so off we went!


We ate lunch at Blue Point Grille and although it had a great view, the food was just okay. After lunch, however, we walked around outside and there was a small pier right on the water. Even though there was a chill in the breeze, the sun decided to come out for a bit which kept us warm.


After exploring around the water we headed over to Watkins Glenn State Park. We were disappointed to learn that the main paths were closed since it’s still early in the season however we were able to explore the edges of the park which still had beautiful views! We’ll definitely be back to visit when it’s warmer and the park is open.


Other things I do to get the inspiration of traveling without leaving far from home include:

  • Planting a garden. We made our backyard a little oasis this past summer and it was the greatest decision ever! I’ll head to Trader Joes and grab fresh ingredients for lunch and settle in with a book or a good podcast. It gives me that same sensation of relaxing on a beach somewhere.
  • Walking. We have an energic corgi puppy who loves to be outside and it’s given us a great excuse to get outside and get our blood pumping. Walking forces us to put our phones away and just enjoy our surroundings and each other’s company.
  • Getting crafty. I’ll admit that I’m a terrible painter and don’t have much drawing/painting skill however there’s something freeing and inspiring about putting pen to paper and getting creative juices flowing. If you can’t get into the zone at home, going to a painting class like Painting With A Twist is always fun. Rochester has a local Brainery (where I had my bridal shower actually) that is a beautiful space offering different classes almost daily!
  • Trying a new restaurant.  I’m the person that orders the same thing at every restaurant (hi chicken salad, I’m talking to you) but if I want a new experience and to really feel like I’m traveling, I’ll force myself to try somewhere new. I recently found a cute Mediterranean restaurant near my home that makes hummus that is to die for.

What are some things you do to get the inspiration of traveling without leaving far from home?

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