saying goodbye to summer

It’s hard to believe that summer is coming to a close! In Upstate, NY the weather is already getting colder at night and there’s a slight crisp in the air. I love Fall but I’m not quite ready to say goodbye to summer yet.

This summer has truly been one of my favorite summers ever. We prioritized going on adventures and traveling and have had so much fun. Some adventures have been big, like sky diving, horseback riding, traveling to Chicago, and others have been small, like going on hikes and local parks, golfing, or going to a hot air balloon festival.

Although it’s easy to focus on the big adventures, the small adventures can be just as fun! In the spirit of those hot summer days that are now few and far between, I’m sharing some pictures and details from some of those small, but great, adventures.

Hiking the Chimney Bluffs

Bordering Lake Ontario and about an hour drive from Rochester, I had heard that Chimney Bluff State Park had great hiking trails but had never visited myself. On a beautiful, sunny day in July we took a mini road trip to explore it for the first time! We selected a path that boarded right along the water which had an unexpectedly stunning view. The bluffs themselves looked like something you’d find in an exotic county, not Rochester!

Hot Air Balloon Festival

As soon as I heard about the New York State Festival of Balloons I had penciled it in my planner. I’ve always dreamed of attending the famous one in Albuquerque, so why not get a taste on a smaller scale! Although certainly it wasn’t as grand as I’m sure Albuquerque is, it was amazing seeing the balloons leisurely sitting up in the sky. They floated so slowly that against the bright blue backdrop of the sky, it almost looked like a painting. Craning my neck up, all I could see was blue sky with wisps of clouds, rays of sunshine and the balloons, which was so peaceful.

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