nashville’s broadway street and gulch area

Our year had been front loaded with travel between the cruise, PGA/Montauk, and Chicago! We had no formal plans for traveling in the Fall and winter after looking back at how expensive our year had been. It felt like a stroke of luck when Phil’s company encouraged him to attend a conference in Nashville, TN in early September. Of course all of his accommodations were paid for and it felt even luckier when we found flights for me that were just $90 each way. So off to Nashville we went!

We stayed at the Hyatt Downtown which was the most wonderful location. It was central to everything so we were able to do a ton of walking! Although it’s a bit expensive (and more expensive than we could have afforded without Phil’s company paying) I still highly recommend it and consider it a worthwhile investment if you’re visiting Nashville. I spoke about accommodations here and this further supported my argument that you may be able to save staying in a less ideal location, but your transportation costs will add up quickly so always keep that in mind when booking!

After landing in the afternoon and getting settled, we walked to dinner in The Gulch to Saint Anejo, a Mexican restaurant I had been excited to try. I knew they didn’t take reservations but had been hopeful nonetheless. We learned it would be an hour and a half wait but were determined to be patient by getting drinks and chips and salsa.


Eventually our stomachs demanded more so we walked next door to Moto. It was such a pleasant and unexpected surprise! With a chic interior and delicious Italian food we were so happy with our decision to eat there instead. Tip: This restaurant has a large and comfortable bar where you’re able to eat at if you don’t have a reservation. We learned many popular restaurants don’t take reservations in Nashville so this is always a great back-up option.

After dinner we walked around The Gulch more, which is in-between downtown and music row. There were many cute restaurants and stores, including Kittenish by Jessie James Decker. The infamous winged mural is also in this area! Tip: there is a really long line for this mural during the day (it wraps around the building)! We went at dusk and the line was only about 5 people deep so if you want to go take a picture with it, keep this in mind! There were also some other murals and painted walls which were fun to see.

At night we headed to the infamous Broadway Street. During my research and planning I was surprised to see how lively it was! There’s nothing that will beat being there in person though. The energy is pulsing as live music streams out of every bar you pass by. Hundreds of people crowd the streets as they walk from one bar to another. It’s packed chaos is reminiscent of Times Square.


There are so many bars to choose from that it would take multiple trips to hit every one. We decided to start at Jason Aldean’s bar which had multiple floors and had a connected rooftop bar with Luke Bryan’s Bar. Each floor had a different theme and different local artists performing. It was dizzying walking from one area hearing a country artist perform, and then up another flight of stairs to see an artist covering pop songs. We perched up in the corner of the rooftop and watched the swarms of people below while the pulsing of music beat through our bones. At one point we found ourselves on a dance floor in front of a small stage with a band performing which was a ton of fun!

Broadway street is certainly something everyone has to experience while visiting Nashville however given the high volume of bachelorette parties and high energy, it’s likely the most fun to experience with a group of friends. We saw dozens of tractors pulling wagons filled with people dancing with music blasting. Most notably we saw a truck pulling a hot tub. Even better – people were fully in and using the hot tub!

Immediately we felt that Nashville was lively and trendy while still having a local, friendly energy to it. Nashville is a big city with big energy that still somehow feels like home.

I’m going to be organizing my Nashville posts a bit differently than I have other trips, so stay tuned for: Visiting 12 South, Touristy Things To Do In Nashville, A Food Review, and the Jonas Brothers Concert at Bridgestone Arena.

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