nashville murals and the many painted walls

Nashville murals have become a popular thing for tourists and locals to visit and take photos of. Often created by local artists, the murals adorn sides of restaurants, shops, and bars that add to overall warmth and friendliness that Nashville radiates. Before heading to Nashville I thought that I would have to carefully plot out the location of the murals to ensure I got a glimpse of them. I was, however, pleasantly surprised that it seemed there were murals tucked into every neighborhood we visited!

In my opinion, the best resource for locating the popular murals is by Visit Music City:

I won’t try and replicate that list or any others since with a quick Google search you can find plenty of mural guides however I did want to share the mural pictures I was able to snag!

If you’re visiting Nashville, my advice is to not plan your trip around visiting the murals. By exploring and spending time in the city, you’ll see plenty of them by chance so it’s not worth carving out time specifically for it.


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