my top 12 favorite adventures of all time

Phil and I keep looking back on this year in awe of how much we’ve done. It’s incredible to realize that we’ve been to 5 states and 4 countries while also doing many firsts. We snorkeled in Mexico, went zip lining in Belize, skydived, and went horseback riding. Beyond the adventures, Phil ran a marathon, I’m 32 books into my 50 book reading goal this year and I started a new job. It’s been amazing and exhausting all at the same time! When looking back on our year I think it’s been my favorite year of my entire life.

As amazing as this year has been, it’s also had me looking back on the other incredible things we’ve done over the years. For today, I’ve rounded up my top 12 favorite experiences from over the years!

12. Disney World! Disney will always hold a special place in my heart because it’s the first place we ever traveled to together and it’s where we got engaged! Every time we go back it feels like we’re kids again, with our biggest worry being what rides we can enjoy.

11. Watching the Cubs play at Wrigley Field. The energy in this stadium is infectious. The history of the stadium, the ballpark hot dogs, and fans make this truly feel like you’re partaking in an American tradition.

10. Zip-lining in Honduras. This is something that I was terrified to do but with Phil pushing me out of my comfort zone I was able to conquer it and we ended up having the best time. Zipping through the forest was as breathtaking as it was adventurous.

9. The Harry Potter Studio Tour in London. For any Harry Potter fan, surely this needs little explanation. I could have spent days exploring the sets, costumes and magic of my favorite movies of all time.

8. Visiting the Anne Franke house in Amsterdam. Walking through the house that Anne and her family hid in during WWII was profoundly moving. The inspiration that Anne was, still writing and dreaming with childlike wonder while in hiding, was sobering.

7. Attending the PGA. Phil has turned me into a golf fan and we had so much fun going to a tournament earlier this year. We loved seeing the players up close, seeing Tiger Woods sink a putt and walking the beautiful Bethpage course.

6. Attending a live taping of The Ellen Degeneres Show. The joy and luck of securing tickets out of the blue, and then booking a last minute trip on a whim was exhilarating. Seeing the set, being on the Warner Brothers lot, and seeing Ellen was an ultimate bucket list item that will be hard to top.

5. Hiking the Rocky Mountains. Feeling the crunch of snow beneath our feet and seeing the mountains set against the bright blue sky was unforgettable.

4. Skydiving! Looking back it feels like a blur of adrenaline and it still shocks me that we did it!! The sensation of free falling and then looking at the earth below was mesmerizing. If it weren’t for the pictures, I might think I dreamed up the entire thing.

3. Touring Wimbledon while in the UK. London is my favorite city in the world but exploring just a bit outside of the city and seeing the place where athletes compete at the highest level at such a prestigious arena was very cool.

2. Snorkeling in the Bahamas for our honeymoon. What was amazing about this was we went out on our own which made for a really peaceful experience. Our resort owned a private island that would charter boat rides to every day. The back side of the island saw very few people and we had heard was prime for snorkeling. After swimming quite a ways out we were amazed to see sea turtles, enormous conch shells, schools of fish and the colorful reef.

1. Cliffs of Moher in Ireland. The grandeur and beauty of the cliffs that stand tall above the ocean is indescribable. I remember being in awe and feeling like tiny specs looking out.



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