october favorites

As October has now comes to a close, I wanted to start a new topic that I’ll be posting each month. At the end of the month I’ll be rounding up my favorite things from that month! It may be things I’ve done, products I’m loving, or shows I’m watching that I think you’d all love and benefit from as well. Check out my October round-up below!

1. Phillips Hue Lightbulbs. I never would have dreamed I’d be so thrilled over lightbulbs but these have completely brightened up my life! They are Smart lightbulbs that connect through your WiFi which gives you control of them through an app on your phone. Not only can you turn them on and off, there are dozens of settings to choose from. They have pre-selected brightness/whiteness settings like Relax, Daylight, Reading and then there are fun ones like Christmas, Romance, and Fireplace. You can also do customizable brightness and whiteness as well as setting timers for waking up and going to sleep. It may seem frivolous but I’m very sensitive to light and have the hardest time finding lightbulbs. Depending on the brightness outside I hate when it feels too yellow inside or too bright. We currently have them in our living room but I plan on updating our bedroom as well! Tip: Not every lamp in your living room or bedroom will need one. We started with just two of four lamps in our living room and it’s plenty.


2. Closet organizer. Ever had something that repeatedly didn’t work right or frustrated you but you were so used to it you forgot you could fix it? That’s how our front hall closest has been for the last year! It’s the main home for our shoes and no matter how many times we organized and promised ourselves it would stay organized, things got out of hand quickly. I stumbled across this shoe organizer at Target and at the affordable price point of $7 decided to try it. It may sound silly but opening up that shoe closet every morning and quickly being able to find my shoes has brought me so much joy. It helped us create so much more space for our shoes and now a few weeks in with it, the closet is still perfectly organized.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 2.22.01 PM

3. My library card. Doing as much reading as I have, I have been relying on visits to the library a few times a week. Most libraries will have an online catalogue where you can search from home to see if the book you’re coveting is in stock too.

4. Amazon Prime Membership. I’ll be honest, this is one membership I never think I need and will cancel, only to realize I definitely do need it so it’s finally here to stay. The Amazon Prime shows are really good. I love Marvelous Mrs. Maisel and am anticipating season 3 dropping this December! Season 2 of Jack Ryan staring John Krasniski just came out which was incredible. If you own a Kindle, you’ll also get one pre-release book for free each month! Not to mention there are dozens of free or affordable Kindle books to choose from. With the holidays coming up I know Amazon will be a go-to for me and the free 2-day shipping is too great to pass up.


5. My crockpot! I have been making a crockpot meal every Sunday through all of October. I’ve made soups, chili, and homemade meatballs and they’ve all been delicious. Having a warm homemade meal to come home to on a cold and long work day is perfection. I’ve been doing recipes from Delish and they’ve been easy to make and so yummy.

Screen Shot 2019-11-05 at 2.27.27 PM

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