winter photography part II

It continues to be cold and gray in upstate New York! I’ve been surviving the winter blues with good TV and movies, crafting, and reading good books. This was the first year that I watched all of the Oscar nominated Best Picture nominees and I had a lot of fun with it. Setting out to watch all 9 of the nominated films forced me to watch movies that I otherwise wouldn’t have and resulted in the most pleasant surprises. Parasite and Jojo Rabbit are movies that I never would have watched otherwise and both ended up sitting nicely among my favorite movies of all time!

On the few sunny weekend days we’ve had, Phil and I have bundled up and headed outside for some fresh air. Although it requires many layers, even a bit of fresh air helps to rejuvenate me. This past weekend we visited a local park that has a pretty creek winding through it. I brought my camera along and also used it as an opportunity to practice my photography, like I posted about here. 


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