travel essentials

Those that love traveling as much as me will agree that the excitement of finally clicking purchase on the flights you’ve been eyeing is unparalleled. Then, getting to map out all the adventures you’re going to take, sites you’ll see, and food you’ll taste feels like a vacation itself! After a long work day I’ll be home in my pajamas and curled up with my laptop and dreaming up plans.

Once the time comes to leave for your adventure reality sets in and one of the most dreaded travel parts begins – packing. Sometimes I’m really productive and I pack a week in advance and other times I pack the night before we leave. Regardless of how prudent I am with when I pack, I always get anxious that I’m going to forget something important. Over the years I’ve honed in on items that I never travel without!

Slip MaskPill CaseSanitizerKindleHershelBiossance

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