capturing and organizing momentos without the expectation of perfection

One of the best parts about having adventures is getting to hold onto your bright and shiny memories. I think back on my adventures over the years often and for various reasons. When I am having trouble sleeping or am feeling anxious I’ll calm myself my thinking through every detail of one of my happiest moments. Or, when I’m experiencing self doubt I’ll tell myself “you’re the same girl that jumped out of a plane, you got this!” Having wonderful memories is often a great way to share and connect with others too, like this blog!

Throughout our travels and adventuring over the years I always collect little momento’s to commemorate my time with many of them being receipts, programs, and tickets. I’ve long held onto the idea that I’d make a specific scrapbooks for each trip or occasion, with themed stickers and all. And then reality happened and my shoe box of momento’s turned into three shoe boxes stuffed to the brim with trips many years in the past and no scrapbooks to show for it.

It dawned on me late last year that I was letting the idea of perfection stop me from creating the scrapbooks. It turned from fun to something daunting when I thought of picking the perfect paper, photos and accompanying stickers. I wanted the most Pinterest worthy scrapbook to show for how perfect the trip or moment was in my mind but then I realized that the moments themselves and memories were really all I needed. But what to do with all of the sacred collectibles I had amassed through the years?

I threw perfection out the window and bought one simple 8.5×11 book filled with a hundred blank pages and started filling. I decided to group the pages by year rather than trip or moment. And then I opened it up to including anything that really meant something to me: cards from family members, movie tickets, a pretty picture in a magazine that caught my eye. On one page I have tickets from a sporting event that we attended in May alongside a card from a family member. The book has now also become a place for me to capture my feelings in the moment on the year that’s passed and my goals for the year coming ahead. It’s far from perfect, but I love it all the more because of it. It feels like a real and authentic representation of who I am and all that I’ve been lucky enough to do.


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