a trip to washington d.c.

Hi everyone! I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy during this scary time. Now that we’re a few weeks in, I do feel as though I’m settling into my new normal of working from home, making meals in, and simply slowing down. We’ve been keeping busy by going on lots of walks, playing board games in our ultimate isolation tournament, and working out on our new Peloton bike. I’ve been productive around the house seemingly organizing every last corner and completing projects that have been on my to-list for years! Projects like framing and hanging pictures from our wedding (note that we’ve been married for almost three years). Meditation has also become a daily practice for me and has done wonders when my anxiety over the changing world takes over.

As much as I am actually finding many positives and feeling grateful for being safe in our home, I am mourning the loss of one of my favorite activities, traveling. Our dream trip to Europe that was supposed to happen in May has officially been pushed to September. That look lots of coordination and I’m still working through it, so once I’ve finalized a few more things I’ll do a post on it. Last weekend we were supposed to be in DC watching the cherry blossoms which is truly something I’ve wanted to do for years. I have been to DC before and since the blossoms only bloom for a short window, this trip will have to wait until next year. On a lighter note, since I had gone through the effort of planning I figured I would share what I had mapped out should anyone want to flag it for a future trip to DC you might have! The pictures I’m including are from my last visit there in 2018. 

First I have to say that DC is one of my favorite cities. It’s beautiful with perfectly manicured lawns and stately buildings. It has to be one of the cleanest cities in the entire country. If you’re planning a trip to DC I recommend visiting the official Washington DC site https://washington.org/. They will send you a free visitors guide with lots of information on lodging, restaurants, activities and more. 


Parking can be expensive and hard to find, so ideally you want to stay in the heart of downtown. That way you’ll be within walking distance or a short Uber ride away from all of the popular spots. I had booked us a room at the beautiful Hamilton Hotel which was just a 10 minute walk from the Whitehouse and the mall. Tip: The mall is not a shopping mall but is rather the sprawling lawn with the monuments that you’re there to see!

Of course the cherry blossoms have an entire festival built around them. The key to booking your trip if you’re trying to catch the blossoms is to be flexible and watch the Blossom Tracker. They monitor the progress of the blooms every day leading up to the peak but know that it can change regularly. I recommend waiting to book accommodations 1-2 months before. If you’re worried about the best hotels filling up, book a refundable room.

Once you’re actually in DC there is so much to do! Of course, your first order of business should be walking the mall and seeing the monuments and reflecting pool. I recommend wearing comfortable shoes and giving yourself at least a half a day to walk through it all. The total length of the mall is 2 miles long, with the Lincoln Memorial on one end and the Capitol on the other. I suggest walking the entire length! When I was last here I loved seeing the people sprawled on blankets soaking up the sun, the games of frisbee and the chirping birds above. I was struck by how much energy and life the city had.   


DC also has some amazing spots for food. For the trip we were supposed to go on recently I was excited to try more restaurants and wanted to do one really nice sit-down meal at a Michelin starred restaurant. I used this article here to identify all of the Michelin starred options in DC and settled on a reservation at Bresca. It was walking distance from our hotel with a chic interior and food that almost looks too pretty to eat. When we are finally able to visit DC again we’ll be carving out time to eat here!

Finally, it seems a trip to DC isn’t complete without visiting one of the many museums. There are so many options it can feel overwhelming to know where to start! For our upcoming visit I was planning on visiting the National Museum of Natural History and was going to squeeze in a visit to the Holocaust Memorial Museum if we had time.


What are some of your favorite things to do in DC? Let me know so I can add it to our list for when we’re finally able to visit! 

One thought on “a trip to washington d.c.

  1. Hi Katie and Phil, I was glad to see your latest blog on D.C., Katie. This corona virus has really turned everyone’s life upside down!!!!!!!! Who would have dreamed our lives could change so dramatically? What a shame your trip to Europe has to be postponed. I’m sure you are very disappointed.

    It sounds like you are handling this new way of life quite well. We have both been wondering if Phil is able to work at home or does he have to be right there at the hospital?

    We are staying home almost all the time. We try to keep the days as “normal” as possible, doing our usual activities plus cleaning out drawers and files. The latter is Grandpa’s job and he’s been throwing lots and lots of outdated papers away. It’s amazing what you can accumulate in 63 years of marriage!! We walk every day when the weather is good. We just received our first grocery order through Instacart. Other than not knowing when it would be delivered (it took 5 days), it worked out quite well. We now get milk, eggs, and yogurt from a local dairy farm, which has been here for years, but we never went there until now. You just go to the outside window of the store and give the seller our order. She’s the only person we see and we jump back in the car and we’re done. We check the news twice a day, but can’t take much more than that!

    I’ve been making masks. They’re not medically approved, just sort of a last resort type of thing. Will check with the local fire dept. to see if they will take them.

    As far as I know, the rest of the family is well. We keep in touch pretty regularly through phone calls, emails, and/or texts. I’m grateful for each day that I wake up and feel good!!

    Stay well and know that we are thinking of you.

    Love, Grandma

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