a pit stop in boston and new hampshire

During our New England road trip our goal quickly became to see and do as much as possible. After being confined to our home because of the pandemic; being out and exploring was so refreshing. Of course our trip looked different than any of our trips in the past but we made the most of it squeezing in as much as we safely could.

As we were leaving Maine and heading to Nantucket, we had a small window of opportunity to squeeze in some spontaneity. We were just outside of Boston and decided to wing it and spend a few hours exploring the city. I’ve actually never been to Boston and it’s long been on my list of places to visit so I was thrilled to tack it onto the trip. We decided to walk around Quincy Market which is largely outdoors so we didn’t have as many COVID concerns. I loved the cobblestone streets and unique stalls filled with goodies and tasty food.

We also have a goal to visit all 50 states together. We define visiting a state as having done something noteworthy within the state. Others might define it differently saying you have to spend an evening there, eat a meal etc. but our qualification is simply as long as you’ve done something noteworthy, you can cross it off the list. So we decided to cross a state off the list and visit New Hampshire. Some quick Googling on the road showed us that the nearest attraction was a NAVY submarine museum. The staff was all retired Navy officers who were so kind and informative. I walked though a bit of the submarine but got very claustrophobic and left but Phil walked through the entire thing and was fascinated by the small kitchen and sleeping quarters that men lived in for months at a time!

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