Sharing Some Exciting News

I’m excited to share some big news on the blog today! It’s something that Phil and I have talked about and tried to make happen for years, and now it’s finally happening.

It feels surreal finally saying those words!! We’ve lived in upstate New York our entire lives. There are many wonderful things about Rochester; like that you get a full range of seasons including a beautiful Fall where all the leaves turn crispy and brightly colored. Many of our friends and much of our family lives here. There are some new restaurants and breweries that have popped up over the last few years. We have Wegmans, the greatest grocery store in the world.

But for all that Rochester has to offer we couldn’t shake the feeling that we just wanted more (and no winters with endless cold, gray days). We knew moving wasn’t going to be easy for a million reasons. Staying in our bubble and our comfort was the far easier choice but stepping outside that bubble, packing up our lives and taking a bit of a risk has been calling to us.

Stars have aligned in many ways for this move. Phil will be starting a new job in Tampa and I’ll keep my current job as a remote employee. Because of the pandemic we weren’t able to visit and tour places to live however having been to the area many times over the years, friends and family who live in the area helping, and with a FaceTime tour, we have a place to live! We’ll be renting a 3 bedroom apartment which is luckily only an 8 month lease so we can scoot to a different place if we aren’t feeling it. And, a few days ago we finally booked our one-way ticket to fly down which felt wild as we’ve never purchased a one-way ticket anywhere before.

Moving has already been such an eye opening experience (ahem – see! A big reason why we wanted to start this new chapter). I can’t believe how much there is to do and how expensive it all is. I’m going to do a more detailed post on how we’re tackling a big move like this because it’s a lot. Anyone that’s done a move like this understand all to well that there’s excitement, anxiety, fear of the unknown, stress, joy and more.

We have just 15 days left in Rochester and it’s filled with packing, planning, and seeing as many people as we possibly can! I can’t wait to take you all along this journey with me.

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