Officially residents of tampa, FL

It feels surreal to say that we are now official residents of Tampa, FL! We made the trek down last Monday and wow was it overwhelming. I always tend to get anxious when there is a lot of build-up around a specific event. My head spins in hundreds of directions of wanting to be prepared, what could go wrong, what else do I need to do? It’s funny too when people say how quick they felt our move happened when in fact it has felt nothing even close to quick to us!

Moving to Tampa is something that we’ve quietly dreamed about for years. No exaggeration – this move was years in the making! It was part of the reason why we never bought a house in Rochester because the “what if” of moving was always in the back of our minds. In early 2019 we had attempted to make the move but ultimately when the opportunity presented itself our guts were telling us that it wasn’t the right time. After that we tabled the idea of moving for a while and then in early 2020 the same nagging in the back of our minds appeared again. Having been born and raised in Rochester, the idea of moving away has always been exhilarating and terrifying at the same time. But it boiled down to it being a feeling that we couldn’t shake! That there was more to explore and see in the world than our small corner of the world. What excited us most about moving to Tampa was the culture, vibrancy of the city, beautiful weather, being near the ocean, a growing city with art, food, and things to do. Tampa has a major league baseball team that just played in the World Series, a NFL football team that stars Tom Brady, and an NHL team that just won the Stanley Cup. This time when the opportunity came for us to make the move, we didn’t hesitate.

Now that we’re here we keep saying “I can’t believe we live here!” as if we’re Dorthy having finally left Kansas. Yes, the move was one of the most challenging things we’ve done but it’s been so truly worth it. Now that we’re slowly but surely getting settled I’ll be putting together a post on helpful tips on cross-country moves because there is so much we didn’t know.

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