our first month living in tampa

We’ve officially been residents of Tampa, FL for over a month now! Time has truly flown. Reflecting on what this first month has been like, I can say with absolute clarity that moving here has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made. Yes, it’s been exhausting and challenging at times but it’s been eye-opening and exciting in the best way. I have loved every minute of exploring (in a COVID safe way) our new home. Things that I thought would be sources of stress, like trying to navigate around a city I don’t know, have actually been fun and interesting. When you live in a place for 30 years the spots to discover and explore become more limited. You know where every restaurant is, you’ve driven every road, and you know how to get everywhere without having to think. Your feet and hands just navigate you there! In a brand new city, everything is new! Getting myself to Publix without a GPS has now become a source of accomplishment.

Here are some photos of our explorations during our first month here.

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