welcoming 2021

I know I’m not alone in being thankful for a new year for a fresh start. There’s no need in lamenting on the hardships we all faced in 2020 but I can confidently say that it’s been the most unprecedented and overwhelming year I’ve ever experienced. Looking ahead to 2021 I am cautiously optimistic for what’s to come. I’m trying to focus on the things I can control and made some goals and resolutions for next year. I spent over an hour yesterday mapping out my year with things that we know are unmoving like friends and family birthdays, anniversaries, pay-day’s, my favorite TV shows/movies premiere dates etc. in my new Day Design planner. There’s a small section at the front of the planner where you can map out your goals for the year which felt great to get the ideas out of my head and into a place to make them tangible! Here are a few of my 2021 goals:

1. Staying present and expressing gratitude. To assist with staying grateful, I got a gratitude journal from Alleyoop. Sadly they’re now sold out but I have also found other cute options on Amazon here and here. My goal is to write down three things I’m grateful for every night before bed.

Screen Shot 2021-01-02 at 10.15.50 AM

2. Continuing to prioritize my physical health. Looking back, 2020 was a health makeover year for me. I started off by making one small decision at a time. I find that if I set a goal that’s really ambitious (like “lose 30 pounds”) then I’ll never achieve it. Instead, my day one goal was to eat smaller portions. Not only was I eating bad food, but I was eating a lot of it. So the start of 2020 I started to cut back on portion sizes and really listen to my body. It’s amazing how many time I had continued to eat after I was full! Once I started paying attention to what I was eating more, I realized that I wanted to put better food in my body. Again this didn’t happen overnight but I started incorporating salads in for lunches and swapped sugary snacks for hummus instead. In March I decided to give up beef entirely! I started feeling better than I had in years. In March right before the pandemic happened we also got a Peloton. This was Phil’s doing and I wasn’t entirely sold on it but since we had the machine I realized I had no excuse not to add physical fitness into my weekly routine. I made a promise to myself that I would workout 3 times a week. Again, I started small. It didn’t matter how long those workouts were, how hard they were etc. The bar was low but let me tell you, I hated those first few months. I hated the bike. I hated working out. But slowly and almost without my even consciously realizing, I had this new routine and then I noticed there were tiny things I did enjoy about it. I liked that my favorite instructor Hannah Corbin made me feel confident “because you showed up today.” I liked the music. I liked that my output (a metric used on Peloton bikes to measure your workout) steadily increased which showed I was getting stronger. Before I knew it, I realized that I enjoyed my workouts. They were hard, yes, but they were a staple in my week and made me feel accomplished and strong. Eventually my goal of 3 workouts a week shifted to 4 a week. Looking back on 2020 I logged over 4,000 minutes riding the bike and in December alone I biked over 100 miles. 

When putting all of these little things together, in 2020 I did end up losing over 35 pounds but instead of focusing on the larger goal, throughout the year I focused on all of the little ones and bit by bit I was achieving a much larger one. Now, all of these changes weren’t a diet or a fad but a true lifestyle change. I can’t imagine ever living as unhealthy as I did in years past so for me, 2021 is all about maintaining and building off of all my hard work last year. 

3. Focus on saving money. With moving this year, we’ve spent a lot of money. More than I ever would have fathomed but truly it has been worth every single penny. We are loving Tampa so much and I don’t regret for a minute what it has cost us to make this dream happen! Even small things like realizing my wardrobe was mainly built for cold weather and I needed more tee’s and warm weather clothing has cost me unexpected money (although I won’t pretend I don’t love to go clothes shopping ha)! Now that we’re here and settled though and our condo is almost completely furnished (I had so much fun making this place our own and starting from scratch as we got rid of most of our old stuff which was mainly hand-me-downs during the move) it’s time to start building up a savings again. Whenever I feel the impulse to buy something new (yet another new top or my 100th candle) I have a new mantra I plan on saying to myself: I have all that I need. 

Here’s to hoping 2021 is the year we can begin hugging and traveling again!

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