January reads

For 2021 I’ve decided to do a monthly round up of what I’ve read! Here’s what I read in January of this year and my thoughts on each of the books:

1. Chicken Sisters by KJ Dell’Antonia. 2/5 🌟 I was really excited for this was as it was featured on Book Of The Month and was selected by Reese’s Book Club but truthfully, I didn’t care for this book. The characters felt under developed and the storytelling style was jarring at times. The author spent pages and pages describing the inner thoughts of one character and then the next character would get a sentence of inner monologue. Sadly I would not recommend this one.


2. The Last Story of Mina Lee by Nancy Jooyoun Kim. 3.5/5 🌟 A really powerful glimpse inside what it’s like for immigrants in our country. This novels flips between past and present showing the perspective of a young Korean woman making her way in a new country and her daughter having only grown up in America. In contrast to my first book of the year, this book packed in depth. I finished feeling like the characters were real people!

Last Story

3. All Adults Here by Emma Straub. 3/5 🌟 A novel told from multiple perspectives from a slightly dysfunctional family. My struggle with this was not having a character I felt like I knew enough about. The relationships between characters were complex but the stories I cared most about (like a young man coming to terms with being transgender and becoming a woman) felt glossed over. The author tried to do too much! One character alone would have been enough for a full novel and would have made me as a reader more invested.


4. The Dating Plan by Sara Desai. 3/5 🌟 When my brain needs a break this is the type of book I read. Daisey Patel was a really rootable protagonist as a highly intelligent, quirky and successful Indian woman. After facing pressure from her family to find a husband, she ends up making a fake engagement with her long-time crush, Liam. A bit predictable but certainly an enjoyable ride.

dating plan

5. The Girl In The Mirror by Rose Carlyle. 4/5 🌟 A twisty thriller featuring two identical twins that couldn’t be more different competing for a family inheritance of 100 million dollars. Just when I thought I had the ending figured out, this book threw me for a loop. I was kept guessing until the very last page. The ending had me so stumped I had to re-read the last few pages multiple times!


Leave me a comment if you’ve read any of these or have any great recommendations!

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