Living In Tampa For Super Bowl LIV

Living in the city that hosted the Super Bowl has been such a unique experience. The weeks leading up to the game we’d drive by the stadium and watch it slowly change as massive billboards and signage began decorating the stadium. Slowly and almost without noticing billboards around the city “Super Bowl LIV” adorned every highway. At night the buildings downtown shown bright with red lights supporting the Buccaneers on their road to the championship game. The river downtown donned stickers on the ground with images of all past Super Bowl rings and fun facts on the games including the ending score. Curtis Park downtown hosted a free event which sold out tickets quickly with activities to celebrate the game. Restaurants, businesses, homes, and cars stretched out “Go Buccs” signage proudly.

The weekend of the Super Bowl the Tampa airport became the busiest airport in the country! Driving past the airport you could see a line with dozens of private airplanes having just chartered in countless celebrities. My favorite was driving by the stadium Super Bowl weekend and watching it come to life. In the video below you can catch a glimpse of the cardboard fans ready to go in the stands!

Super Bowl weekend fireworks went off at the top of the hour, every hour, to celebrate the game. On Saturday night before the game we went downtown to enjoy the show ourselves! The savvy locals we are, we parked near Tampa Hospital and had a perfect view of the boats and fireworks while staying far away from the chaos. We avoided all of the crazy traffic and the thousands of people that littered the streets and were able to safely observe from afar.

On Super Bowl Sunday we went to Bake N’ Babes to pick up dessert. Phil and I had plans to spend the day solo at home and wanted a yummy dessert to celebrate the day. Turns out, the dessert shop was located directly next to the hotel the Chiefs were staying at. As we arrived at the bakery at 3pm we observed news stations, police officers directing the crowds and hundreds of people crowding the streets and waiting outside of the hotel to catch a glimpse of the team. The Chiefs players had loaded onto the buses just before we arrived and were police escorted to the field. After the bakery we decided to drive by the field (again, to observe safely from our car) and couldn’t believe the people flooding towards the stadium.

The Wednesday following the game was the boat parade celebrating the Buccaneers victory. Phil being vaccinated decided to go downtown to safely check it out.

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