Salvador Dali Museum In St. Pete

A few months ago I had seen an advertisement for the Van Gogh exhibit at the Salvador Dali Museum located in St. Pete. I didn’t know much about the Dali but after looking up the exhibit it sounded intriguing and I decided to book us tickets. Most weekends were sold out due to limited tickets because of COVID so I booked us a few months in advance. Fast forward to the beginning of February and the weekend to visit the museum was here! I had expected that it would be nice but ended up being absolutely blown away.

First and foremost what captures you about The Dali is the architecture. There is a stunning glass sphere ceiling and a twirling staircase that descends down the center. With the sunlight streaming through and a view of an outdoor garden and beyond that the ocean, it’s hard to image any museum having a better view.

The Van Gogh exhibit was digital which is the first time I’ve experienced art in that way. There was dozens of large screens that told the story of Van Gogh’s life showcasing his art through different periods of his life. It was fascinating seeing his artistic style change as he lived in different cities or most notably during his mental health struggles prior to his death.

After spending close to an hour in the Van Gogh exhibit we explored the Dali collection which we fell in love with. Neither of us was very familiar with his art prior to our visit and were captivated by his surrealism pieces. Our favorite was the piece Lincoln in Dalivision. Initially upon viewing it appears as if it’s a woman looking out at the sea. As we stepped back we saw that through color blocking it was actually Abraham Lincoln! We audibly gasped when we noticed it. Further researching after our visit we learned that this is one of the most counterfeit Dali pieces in the world. There are only two authentic originals – one in the Dali Theatre and Museum in Spain and one in the Dali Museum in St. Pete that we visited!

We had such a wonderful visit that we decided to become members (at a shockingly affordable rate of $100 total). We already can’t wait to go back and visit!

While in St. Pete we grabbed lunch at The Library – a cute lunch spot with built in library shelving throughout the restaurant. A great spot to visit if you’re in St. Pete.

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