lunch and the sunken gardens in st. petersburg

As evidenced in my past blog posts we’ve spent a few weekends exploring St. Petersburg! St. Petersburg has so much artistic charm I’m inclined to describe it as eclectic. There are endless bars, restaurants, parks, museums, and painted murals on sides of buildings that it’s going to take us many weekends to even scratch the surface. 


One item that was recently brought to my attention that I knew immediately I wanted to see was the Sunken Gardens. This botanical garden has winding paths through 50,000 lush and exotic plants from around the world. Some plants within the garden are over 100 years old! This is a must-do stop if you’re visiting St. Petersburg. Insider tip – many of the local restaurants have “Visit St. Petersburg” brochures and in most of them is a coupon for one free park ticket. Otherwise adult tickets cost $12 for entry per person.

Before heading to the Sunken Gardens we grabbed a bite at a sandwich shop that had come recommended to us by a friend called Brooklyn South. I got the Mango Turkey and Phil got the Italian – both were delicious! Plus, who doesn’t love drinking a Coke out of a glass bottle?


The pictures I snapped of the gardens don’t do it justice! My favorite plants of the day were the pink pom-pom trees that canopy the walkways and the rainbow eucalyptus trees. These trees have rainbow trunks that look like pieces of art! I want one for my front yard!


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