Celebrating Six Months of Living In Tampa

“What if you discover you’ve been planted in the wrong place? Planted in the right spot, we blossom.”

It’s hard to believe that Phil and I are celebrating six months of living in Tampa! Moving across the country was the biggest and scariest decision we’ve ever made but it’s truly been the best decision we ever made. I love the energy of Tampa, the community we’re building, the warmth, constant sunshine, delicious food, and endless things to do and explore. 


In reflecting on our six months of living here, I’ve been thinking about what led us to making the decision to move. We all have anchor points — these anchor points in our memories make up who we are. Sometimes they’re big moments, like weddings or babies being born, and sometimes they’re small, like a first date with your now husband or a perfect Saturday spent at home.

For the last few years, one of my anchor memories has been a trip to Disney, and not for the reason you might think. We were visiting Disney and staying in the Yacht Club Resort because Phil had a conference on Disney property and, of course, I tagged along. He’d be at the conference from morning until middle of the afternoon and then through the conference we’d get discounted park tickets and spend the evenings there. While Phil was at the conference I’d spend the day solo wandering around the Yacht Club Resort and I slowly created a little morning routine.

I’d start my mornings by walking outside. I’d walk around the property and head to the boardwalk to grab an iced coffee and croissant which I’d eat on a bench overlooking the water. These mornings were slow and simple and peaceful. Starting my mornings this way planted an idea in my mind: I could have mornings like this every day.

Fast forward to when the trip was over and we were back in Rochester — which gets on average 50 days of sunshine a year. The reality set in that I couldn’t always have those mornings living where I did. Over the next few years I’d go back to that happy memory: those bright and quiet mornings. 

That seed eventually sprouted and through endless conversations over the years we ultimately decided to make the move to Tampa and I’m so proud that we took a chance and made the move. 

Almost every day I go outside for a walk or cruise around our neighborhood on my bike. Some mornings I sit on our balcony for a moment before the day picks up. I feel a slight breeze prickle my skin. The sun warming my cheeks. The birds chirping. The gravel crunch beneath my sneakers. And I feel complete and utter peace.


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