A Visit To Connecticut

We recently visited Connecticut for my cousins wedding. This was the first wedding we’ve attended since 2019! It was so wonderful for things to almost feel normal with hugging and eating meals together. Most of the guests in attendance were fully vaccinated, like Phil and I, so being around people without the added anxiety of COVID looming felt so nice! Of course, there’s still some apprehension there but it’s the closest to normal we’ve felt in a long time.

We had an early morning on Friday and were up at 4am to catch our flight to Hartford, CT. Note that after this early morning flight Phil and I decided we were going to get TSA pre-check. Lines at airports are starting to lengthen as the world slowly resumes. At the Tampa airport they’re advising travelers to get to the airport two hours before their flight departure time. With how many flights we have coming up we decided TSA pre-check was a must which will allow us to skip the long lines and get through security more quickly. It was a really easy process to sign-up and although we haven’t reaped the benefits of it yet, I already know it will be worth it. It cost just $85 and is a quick visit to a DMV like office space for finger printing and identify verification. If you have certain travel credit cards, like Capital One, then they reimburse you for the full $85 too.

Once landed we picked up our rental car and took the 30 minute drive to Cromwell, CT. We were exhausted from the early morning and took naps in-between binging The Circle on Netflix.

I had missed these views from the sky!

For lunch we grabbed New England “grinders” (aka subs) for lunch. Then for dinner me and Phil, my brother, Dad and soon to be Step-Mom got dinner at the Italian restaurant Red Fox which had a fabulous wine selection if you’re in the area.

Saturday we grabbed brunch with a larger group of family at a small diner called the Cromwell Diner. This was the first time seeing my Grandparents in over a year! For extended family like cousins, aunts and uncles it had been even longer than a year since I had last seen them! Later in the early evening we attended the wedding at the Wadsworth Mansion which was a beautiful property. Some highlights included the fantastic Best Man speech my cousin Jack gave, the first dances, and being on the dance floor all night! As the world slowly and safely returns to normal I look forward to many more events like this over the summer.


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