Disney World’s Magic Kingdom

One of the biggest perks of living in Tampa is living in a city where there is so much to do. Coming from a smaller city that didn’t have professional sports, events, beaches, and endless things to do we are absolutely loving that our weekends are always packed with things to do. Every weekend feels like a mini vacation whether we decide to go to the beach, try a new restaurant, or ride our bikes around our neighborhood. Not only does the Tampa Bay area have so much to offer but just a few hours in the car can bring you to a whole new place for exploring! The list in my phone of things to do is so long and ever growing.

One of my favorite day trips since moving to Tampa has been visiting Disney. Traffic in Orlando is notoriously bad but the Disney magic quickly makes up for it. Disney does an incredible job of immediately transporting you to a carefree place as soon as you step on property. With cheerful music piping over the speakers and quaint shops where you can grab a bite to eat or buy souvenirs I’m always in my happy place when I’m at Disney. 


In our most recent visit we immediately rode Space Mountain which is one of my favorite rides ever. It was a hot day in the 80’s and we took our time meandering throughout the park and hopping into line when we noticed wait times were reasonable (under 30 minutes). Before lunch we had managed to ride Space Mountain, Jungle Cruise, Big Thunder Mountain and walk up the Swiss Family Robinson Tree House. Before lunch we grabbed Fried Pot Stickers from the Sunshine Tree Terrace and they were delicious! Definitely recommend as a snack next time you visit Magic Kingdom. 


For lunch we had a reservation at Jungle Skipper Canteen and it was an excellent experience. The staff was so friendly, food was delicious and it was spacious enough to relax and regroup after being in the sun all day. I got the chicken entree and Phil got the Thai Noodles with chicken which had a fantastic sauce. Another great food spot we’d recommend hitting up! 


In the afternoon we rode Pirates of the Caribbean, Splash Mountain, Seven Dwarfs Mine Train, and Under The Sea. We then had a dinner reservation at The Plaza Restaurant. This restaurant was quite small and noisy so I don’t think we’d eat here again but the biggest pro of it is the view you have of the castle if you’re lucky enough to be seated agains the window like we were. 


It’s been interesting observing how different our Disney World experiences have been since becoming Florida residents. Since we have the luxury of knowing we can and will be back whenever we want, we don’t feel the pressure to pack in a ton of activities and multiple parks in one day. It’s been really nice taking our time and not rushing through the park and instead going with the flow with what feels right in the moment! 


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