Things I Am Loving Right Now

Rounding up a few items that are sparking joy for me!

1. Needlepoint. I was in the market for a new hobby because too many nights unwinding after work I found myself sitting on the couch staring at my phone! One of my favorite bloggers, Carly, has frequently talked about needlepoint. After considering taking the plunge for weeks and watching hours of YouTube I finally pulled the triggered and ordered a kit from that included a canvas, needle and threads and then ordered scissors and stretcher bars. This past weekend I broke out my kit to give it a try. At first I was overwhelmed with the unfamiliar lingo, stitch types and instructions but before long I was stitching — and I loved it right away! It’s so easy to get into a meditative state as you’re stitching and I’ve love that my progress is so tangible! I’ve already ordered a second canvas and have had fun shopping for canvass’s for my third and fourth projects too!

2. Magnolia App. This app has so many fun things including recipes, episodes of Chip and Joanna’s shows, and creative workshops. I recently watched a video on pressing flowers and now can’t wait to forage for flowers this week! This app offers endless creative inspiration.

3. Bath and Body Works candles. Now that it’s getting darker out earlier, I find myself craving cozy time at home. One thing that instantly makes our home feel cozier is candles. I can’t get enough of their fall and winter scents and have so much fun shopping for soaps and candles in store!

4. Book of The Month. I’ve mentioned it before but this truly is a highlight for me at the start of every month and lately their selection has been on point. This past month I created a second account in Phil’s name because I wanted six (yes, six!) books instead of the allotted three books per month.

5. Good American. Buying jeans has always been a pain point for me and has been something I’ve always dreaded until I found Good American. I have the Good Curve shorts in two colors because I’ve never found a more perfect jean short in my life. Their styles are always on trend, the quality is fantastic, and are very size inclusive. I recently ordered their Good Girlfriend jeans and can’t wait for them to arrive!

6. Rifle Paper Co. I have used Rifle Paper Co. calendars for many years and next year will be no different. I recently ordered new goods for 2022 and love their Appointment Calendar and Desk Calendar. I can’t wait to hang these up in my office!

7. Day Designer. I’ve been using the Daily Day Designer planner for the last year and love it. The monthly pages are thoughtfully laid out and I love the front pocket with stickers. The daily planner has pages that are a bit more detailed than I need so this year I went with a weekly lay-out which I think is going to be perfect.

8. Alastin. This is actually my client which is how I discovered them! After doing a few projects with them they sent our team some products to sample and I fully fell in love. Their moisturizer is lightweight and non-greasy and I love their Restorative Skin Complex. I ordered on my own the eye cream and retinol which are both fantastic too. These are certainly expensive products but I view caring for my skin as an investment — one I think (hope) I’ll thank myself for in many years to come!

9. Meditation. I have meditated every morning for a month straight and I can’t even begin to explain the positive impact it’s had on my mental health. I use the Peloton app for guided meditations and love starting my day at peace and centered. Meditation can be intimidating — I’ve chatted with people who dismiss it by saying “my mind always wanders I can’t meditate” but that’s exactly the point. Like anything, you can’t expect to try something a few times and be great at it! I’ve logged 212 meditations thus far and am able to fully enter into a mediative zone most days but I still have day where I struggle to quiet my thoughts. Regardless of how great the daily practice is I notice the amazing benefits of meditation.

10. Bloomwolf Studios. If you’ve gotten a card from me the past year, odd are it was a Bloomwolf card. I love paper goods so much and Bloomwolf Studios is a small business that I exclusively buy my cards from! Their designs are fresh and cute and are constantly being added to!

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